Bearos028 Sally - Sanatn / Mistress - Rebecca (split 7")
Each record is half red, half black!

Also available from us is the companion release on Speedowax/Thrash Atakk
Mistress - DVDA / Sally - Gairon (atom029/attak001)
Same arrangement as the Bearos release, this one is half black, half white!
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"A record that at times sounds like the heaviest moments from The Smashing Pumpkins 'Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness' turned up to 11 with a demented screamer on vocals is sure to be a winner with the kids."
Rock City Reviews

When asked to describe themselves Mistress said, "Necro Doom. Alternately slooowww, blasting, inebriated, doomy, punky, evil, unsettling, screamy rock." Their debut album on Rage of Achilles received 5Ks in Kerrang and rave reviews in Metal Hammer and Terrorizer .The band have played with Electric Wizard, Raging Speedhorn, Extreme Noise Terror and Charger and a recent live gig had a double page spread in Kerrang.

Sally - the unholy offspring of Sabbath and Napalm Death. Heavy stoner grindcore played in front of a wall of Orange amps - I've seen pints quake and froth over as they start playing! This recording was done in America with engineer Billy Anderson who has worked with such bands as Orange Goblin and Mr. Bungle.

Sally had a busy 2002 supporting Katastrophy Wife. Kat Bjelland was so impressed that she invited the members of Sally to double up as her new backing band! Members of Sally and Mistress also play with Kat in Lash Frenzy, a screaming tornado of noise that contributed a track Helm's Deep to the Bearos Records Lord of the Rings tribute CD (Bearos027)

Bearos split 7" single £2.50 (inludes postage in the UK)

Speedowax 7" single £2.50 (inludes postage in the UK)

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